I got new furniture! & Huh?

Okay, first the “Huh?” – I’m not sure why my ‘old’ slide is the same as my new slide….sorry bout that!

Now, on to the furniture…there is a furniture store in town that is going out of biz b/c the owners are ill and they are having a big ‘everything must go’ sale (it started Monday morning).  I was shocked when DH said “we should go see what they have” – he doesn’t like to part with his $$$ very often!  I figured we’d go, I’d fall in love with something and he’d say “nah, we don’t really need anything anyway”.  But, he didn’t!  We ended up buying a beautiful red couch & ottoman and 2 neutral recliners – this furniture is SO COMFY!  So…here are a couple pics…

img_2686.jpg img_2693.jpg

We actually had a fairly new couch/loveseat set, but they are leather and my kids managed to rip a huge hole in one of them, so they are practically banned from this couch!  Well, not really banned, but there will be NO eating, NO jumping, NO wrestling, NO pens/pencils on this couch! 

As you can see, I have a black ottoman too…I think I’m gonna do a red and black color scheme (with some tan thrown in), but I’d like repaint the walls…what color would YOU choose?  Leave me a comment and let me know, and I’ll randomly pick one person to send some scrapbooking goodies to!!!  Be sure and leave me your email too, in case YOU win!



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4 responses to “I got new furniture! & Huh?

  1. Sarah

    I’d go with green. Probably a sage colour. It would really make the other colours stand out.

  2. Sarah

    I’d go with green. Probably a sage, shade of green. Would really make the other colours stand out.

  3. With the neutral recliners I think sage would do nice with the red and black I am thinking chocolate brown.

  4. Glenda

    Hhmmm…you are asking a woman who has gone for Smokey Taupe in her last 2 houses and loves it! So I’ll recommend the same, it’s a nice warm, neutral color that goes with anything!

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