Happy Anniversary to us!

Yes, today is the 9th anniversary for my husband and me.  I love him so much…as much, or maybe even more, than I did when we first met….speaking of first meeting, would you like to hear the funny story of how we DID meet?  Well……………..

 We were both working at a country music entertainment place called Renfro Valley.  This place has live country music shows on weekends, and lots of little shops.  He was an entertainer, singing on the “Barn Dance” show on Friday and Saturday nights, I worked in some of the shops there.  We first caught each other’s glare on a Saturday.  He was standing at the front doors of the Old Barn (Where the Barn Dance show is held) just looking out the door in between rehearsals.  This particular day, I was the “runner” – going around to the different shops and relieving the people during their breaks, so I was on the go all day, constantly going from one shop to another.  So, I was walking from one shop, the “Grist Mill”, down to the music store and walked past the Old Barn and looked over toward the doors and saw him standing there looking at me.  We smiled at each other and I continued walking.  I just figured he was being polite, I never dreamed he would ever “like me”, I mean…he was one of the “Stars” of the show!  Like I’d be so lucky, yeah right!

Well, a week or two later after the last show on Saturday night, he came over to the music store where I was working before he left to go home and walked up to the counter and motioned for me to come over.  I thought he must have something he wanted us to order for him or something.  So, I went over.  He was gripping the counter so hard his knuckles were white and he looked down at the counter, never looking at me and said “So, do you have a man or what?”  I said “uh…..no.”  Then he finally looked up at me and said “Well, can I get your phone number and call you sometime?”  Well, I was so excited I couldn’t find a piece of paper quick enough!  He said it was obvious too (how embarassing!), but I did finally find a scrap of paper and gave him my number.    He called me the next day and we talked for quite a while.  We made a date for the next weekend (he lived out of town and only came up to Renfro Valley on the weekends for the shows).  Our first several dates consisted of him coming to my dad’s house, us sitting on the porch swing for an hour or so talking, then going out to eat and coming back to the house and sitting on the porch swing for several more hours just talking.  We were both just content with swinging and talking…we didn’t care about going to movies or doing other ‘date things’…we loved just swinging and talking.   

About two and a half months later, he asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes!  And only a month and a half after that, we were married!  Yep…we knew each other a mere 4 months before we got married.  I’m sure lots of people thought we were crazy, but both of us knew that we had met the person God intended for us to spend the rest of our lives with.  And we still feel the same way today. 

 I don’t even have a current picture of the two of us…but here’s the most recent one I could find…it’s from last year on our anniversary!  I’ll make a point of getting a good pic of us tomorrow!us-on-bench-at-mokh.jpg


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