Fold-Out Book Tutorial

I recently made this cute mini book:img_3210.jpg

The pages all fold out to reveal what’s underneath.  Here’s what it looks like with the pages foldet out (this was taken before I finished the details/embellishments, but you get the idea!):


So, here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to make your own.  You can make this any size you want and you can make as many or a few flaps as you want.  All you need for the basic book is cardstock and a sewing machine (threaded of course!)

(In the tutorial, click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pics!)

Start by deciding how big you want your finished project to be.  Cut one piece of cardstock to this size.  This is piece #1 in the photo below.  The sizes of the other pieces are determined by the size of your #1 piece, so that the edges line up evenly.   Cut your desired size flaps (#’s 2, 3, 4, 5 in the photo below).  This is an example of what you’ll  have at this point:


Set your sewing machine to a wide zig-zag stitch.  Place your piece #1 and piece #2 under the machine’s foot making sure that the edges line up perfectly and that the ‘seam’ of the two papers is right in the center. 


Do not overlap the two pieces, just be sure they are ‘butted’ up to each other well.  Leave a few inches of thread hanging and start sewing your zigzag stitch, making sure that the stitch is cathing both pieces of paper. 


Sew all the way to the end of piece #2.  Then, turn your piece and add piece #3 and continue in the same manner until you have all four pieces sewn on the piece #1.  You will end up at the same point on piece #1/#2 where you started sewing:


Leave a tail of thread: img_3192.jpg and tie the threads from each side together to form a knot: img_3193.jpg trim off the ends.

Now your piece should look like this: img_3194.jpg and because we butted the pieces up next to each other and used a zig zag stitch, you can fold the flaps in: img_3198.jpg

Now it’s time to decorate your book…use your imagination!  Here are my finished flaps:

#2  img_3211.jpg  #3img_3217.jpg  #4  img_3218.jpg  #5 (I also stitched a piece of transparency on this piece) img_3220.jpg 

Then, to make the closure for the book, you’ll need to hand stitch a button to the front of piece #2 (the front when the book is closed) and leave a few inches of thread hanging when you tie it off.  Then, stitch another button onto one of the other flaps (I used flap #3 in this case) but go ahead and trim the threads. You’ll used the hanging thread from the top button to wrap around the bottom button to hold it closed.  See this photo:


You can add pictures/journaling to both sides of the flaps too!

Have fun, and please share your finished projects with me if you try it!

**I just realized I didn’t get a picture of the finished piece #1.  I’ll do that tomorrow and post it.


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  1. Wow! Great tutorial. Love all the photos you’ve added to go along with everything!

    And sorry but nope on both of your guesses for Monday’s show! =)

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