Trick or Treat!

These two are a treat to my eyes!  Aren’t my little kiddos cute?  🙂

 img_3059.jpg  img_3070.jpg

My little Princess, and my Houston Astros “Josh Anderson” player!  Oh, they were so cute!  And had a blast out collecting candy from all the neighbors.  Did I dress up?  Yeah…I went as a tired mom!  He he!



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How was your weekend?

Mine was great.  On Saturday, we took the kids downtown for the monthly classic car show, Somernite’s Cruise, and I got a couple of good pics around the fountain…

img_3037.jpg img_3038.jpg

Then, I came home and worked on scrapbook layouts for an all-day online crop at Creating Inspirations.  SO FUN!  There were 10 challenges that had to be done by Sunday evening at 6.  I got 8 of the 10 done Sat. night and the other 2 finished on Sunday.  I did all 6×12’s too…a first for me!  Here are a couple of my faves:

img_3043.jpg  img_3046.jpg 

Sunday was just a day to chill and not do much.  I love days like that! 

 Anyway, I guess that’s it for now….I might scrap some more today and add a few more LO’s.

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‘New’ Work Table!!

I know, I’m posting alot today!  But, I have lots of things to talk about!  It’s been a while!

 So, my neighbor had a yard sale a few weeks ago and I got a STEAL on this table – $5 !!!!!


I had to rearrange the furniture to make room for it…but I LOVE it!  Here’s the new room layout:


My Chipboard Alphabet organization shelf:


And my “DIY” ribbon holder:


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Memory Gifts for sale!

So, I had a booth at my son’s fall festival to try and promote Sweet Memories.  It didn’t go too well…I barely sold anything!  So, now I have tons of stuff I need to get rid of!  If you’re interested in purchasing some things…maybe Christmas gifts??…then just let me know! 

I’ll post pics of a couple of the items

Altered Composition books – I have 4 different styles made up…


Coaster sets – I have 6 or 7 styles made…


Post it Note Holders….I have 3 styles made right now…


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Made it to round 3!!

That’s right!  I am now in the 3rd round of the Iron Chef challenge!  So, this week’s challenge is to use all of the following:

Flowers, Metal & glitter

We must SHOWCASE these items too, to get the most points.  If the items aren’t showcaked well, we lose points.   I can’t figure out quite what I want to do.  Take a look at these two LO’s and let me know what you think:

#1 – this one isn’t finished, I still need to add journaling strips in the lower right corner.  I love this layout, myself, but I’m not so sure it really showcases the items…..


And then I tried another idea.  I think this LO actually showcases the items more, but it’s really not my “style”…I’m not really digging the whole page.  What do you think?


Closeup (and the letters are chipboard covered in crumpled aluminum foil, then inked with ‘alcohol inks’ – I made my own!) and embossed with holographic powder.


The flowers are obvious on the page, I think!  But, the bottom circle is a CD that was inked with the same “alcohol inks” and embossed with the holographic powder too.  THen I stamped flower petals on it in black.  The glitter is hard to see in the pics, but I used glitter glue on the patterned paper strips to make some of the designs stand out.


And here’s the card I made…should I enter this one or do something else?  img_3027.jpg

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Iron Chef, Cards, & vacation pics!

So, it’s a new challenge over at Scrapper’s Haven for the Iron Chef contest.  This challenge was to use all of the following on a Layout, a Card and an Altered Item:

Felt, Eyelets, Doodling

So, here are my entries…cross your fingers for me!


Knee Pads Eyelet circle 


“M” card


SCS Comp BOok

These were fun to do… I had NEVER used felt in my scrap projects before…so very challenging for sure!

No, on to some cards…I got about 30 cards done while in Bardstown!  Yay!  I’ll share a couple of my faves with you here…

hi  friend   today

And, lastly a few pics from our trip…I’m actually ashamed to say we didn’t take many pics on this trip – after you’ve been there 10+ times, you feel like you’ve seen everything and forget to take pics!

But, here’s one of me dipping a bottle at Maker’s Mark (a whiskey company – their trademark is that the top of the bottle is dipped in red wax) – I’ve gotten pretty good at this…we’ve dipped a bottle every year since our honeymoon!

dipping the bottle  Here’s my bottle: Bottle

And the highlight of my trip – I got to go to Elizabethtown and visit Creating Inspirations  – a FABULOSO scrapbook store, and meet the owner, Beth Root – a FABULOSO gal!  Here are a few pics in her store (I could’ve stayed in there for hours!)

img_2876.JPG img_2875.JPG img_2874.JPG img_2872.JPG

And me and Beth outside the great mexican restaurant she took us to:


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Vacation…lovin’ it!

We’re officially on vacation!  My dear husband and I are celebrating early for our anniversary.  Our anniversary isn’t until November, but the only time we can send the kids off to grandma’s is during fall break, so this is it!  We are in Bardstown, KY, staying at The Beautiful Dreamer Bed & Breakfast.  We stayed here on our honeymoon nine years ago and loved it so much that we have come back every year on our anniversary!

I’ll update with some pics later in the trip!

The highlight of this trip for me (aside from quality time with my hubby, away from the kids!) is that I am going to a fabuloso scrapbook store in Elizabethtown, Creating Inspirations – she has an online store as well…check her out!  I can’t wait!!!

 Okay, so that’s it for now…I may be back later with pics!

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