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Notice Anything???

I’ve changed my blog’s “design” a bit…I think I like this more.  It’s a little more fun and funky…like me!

 I’ve actually done a little scrapping this week…here’s a card I did for a challenge with my stampin’ club – it had to be all black and white, with a metal embellishment somewhere…I forgot about the metal embelly until I was finished with it, so I just added a metal brad on the flower. 


And here’s a tool turnabout from Pampered Chef that I use to hold all my pens, scissors, etc.  I wanted to prettify it a bit…


And…non scrap-related…here’s a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL cake I did last week:


Oh, and a few goofy pics of me I took the other day (I needed to send a pic of me in for a newsletter for our stamp club, so I went a little camera crazy…)

img_2383.jpg  img_2396.jpg img_2393.jpg


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Happy Sunday!!

I hope your weekend has been fun!  Mine has been nice…Saturday we decided to drive up to my inlaws and drop the kids so DH and I could go on a date (that doesn’t happen very often!).  We went to a Coldstone Creamery, the first time either of us had been – all I can say is YUMMO!!!  We had the “Coffee Lover’s Only”  and it was fabulous!
Then we went to see “The Simpon’s” movie -it was funny, but kinda dumb…like most Simpson’s episodes.  I have never really been a big SImpon’s fan, but if you are, I’m sure you’ll love it.

After the movie, we went out to eat at Red Robin and we split a Whiskey River BBQ Burger – again…yummy!  And we had the best waitress! 

 I really enjoyed getting to spend some alone time with my hubby – like I said, we don’t get to do that often.

 Do you have fun date night ideas?  Please share them!

I haven’t done any scrapbooking in the past few days, busy with cakes and such.  I only have one wedding for this coming weekend so I hope to get some scrappin’ done this week.  🙂

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Life without internet…

is miserable!!!  Ahhhkkkkk!!  We were without internet for FOUR days straight and I was about to pull my hair out! 

 AND….if that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday our satelite tv starting screwing up!  It’s supposed to be fixed tomorrow though…crossing my fingers!! 

I have a few new projects I’ve been working on, but I don’t have the photos uploaded, so I’ll have to post pics later.

🙂 Gonna hit the hay now!  G’night!

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My scraproom!

Here it is…newly “redone”!  Please tell me what you think, and let me know if you have any questions!


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Help me “decorate” my scrap room!

Okay, so I recently tried to re-do my room…it’s definitely better than it was…but it’s not quite RIGHT yet.  I’d love your ideas and opinions!  Leave me a comment!!!

Oh, and keep in mind that I *know* I need to paint – it will be PINK! – I just haven’t had the chance yet.

    Left Side of roomMiddle of roomRight side of room

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Welcome to my new blog!!

I am going to try to join the blogging world!  Here you will find my daily (or however often I have time to post!) thoughts on scrapbooking, (maybe even cake designing) and my every day life.  I hope you will visit often, and maybe grab a little inspiration!

Feel free to leave me a message!  And if you have questions, just leave a comment and I’ll answer as quickly as I can!

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